Why you Should Hire a Bouncy Castle.

The fun of bouncy castles, bouncy slides and play trailers for children is unbeleivable. They can usually spot them from at least a mile away and once they do, excitement overtakes them and they don’t even wait to say goodbye when you drop them off. Then when you come to collect them, it’s crying time because they don’t want to go home. For cheap moonwalk rentals austin tx is great because the children don’t enter their house instead making a direct line to said bouncy implement and bouncy away to their little hearts content. This gives the host a chance to prepare all the party food, cake, goody bags etc. Maybe even share a nice glass of wine with some of the other mums.

If there are dads there, chances are they are on the bouncy castle with the kids. I know what your thinking, sometimes it’s hard to tell who’s the kids and who’s the dads. Then it’s a struggle to get them to come in for the food, and thats just the dads. Anyway feeding frenzy over and it’s straight back out the door and onto the castle. this then leaves you free to maybe have another nice glass of wine and get down to the tidying up. By the time the parents call to collect their little bundles of joy they are saying to themselves, hmm was there a party at the house at all. Everyone will think you are great, the kids will sleep for about 2 days and you won’t have to get the builders in to re hang the doors and plaster the walls. so there it is, why you should hire a bouncy castle for your childrens party.