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So, You Found an Attractive Woman Online – Now What?

Everybody has an online account somewhere. Whether it’s on social media sites like Facebook, MySpace or Twitter, you’re sure to run into an attractive girl. We don’t care if it’s her looks, her brains or yeah, her curves that attract you. It’s always the same. You’ll either send her a sloppy message or worse, not do anything at all. Do you let the opportunity pass After seeing a hot chick online, some guys will just pause, drool over her beauty and think “Oh I don’t have a shot with this girl.” Their next step would be to navigate to a new page and totally miss the opportunity. This is a big mistake! How can you have a shot if you don’t even make a move? Accepting early defeat will get you nowhere. What you have to do is act! Create a nice message and send it to her. It can’t hurt you and even if she does decline, she’ll probably just send you a polite response or none at all. There’s pretty much nothing to lose at this gamble.

Send her a message

Other guys will gather their balls and actually send the girl a message. This is way better than just ignoring the chance. Doing this is no easy thing. You’ll have to come up with a good message that will actually make her respond to you. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is no risk in making a move online. But even with that in mind, you should still strive for success. You want to get that girl and that’s our inspiration in writing the message. The most basic messages are the ones that give a quick compliment followed by a request for her to respond. They can go something like “Hey, I was just looking around and saw your profile. I think you’re very attractive and would like to talk to you sometime. Hit me up!” Others simply remind the girl to accept their friend request. Although this approach is quite harmless, there’s a huge chance that this won’t work. Think of the hot girl you’re eyeing and imagine her getting 30 messages a day from different guys, all saying the same thing. She won’t take notice if you’re just like the rest. You have to stand out.

Craft your message well

First of all, make sure not to make your message too long. Writing a novel-length message will freak the girl out. She’ll think that you’re weird. She’ll wonder why this stranger who doesn’t know her at all is spending so much time on a simple message. She might think that you’re a stalker or an obsessed freak. And speaking of stalkers and freaks, make sure to send just ONE message. Avoid sending too much or else she will be terrified. In your message make sure to let her know that you’re not like all the other chumps online. You’re unique, a good catch and a really interesting person. Try to reflect that in your message. Mix in a sufficient amount of confidence for better chances. – snapchat usernames ’t make your message sound like a desperate plea. Women are easily turned off by desperation. Try to look at her profile and pick out specific items that you can mention in your message. This will show her that you’re not just interested with her looks but her personality as well. You can also tease her a bit by making fun of her in a minor way or by joking around. This will show her your confidence and is a sure way of capturing her interest.

Be prepared

Include in your message an invitation for her to view your page so she can get to know you as well. She’ll probably be doing this on her own anyway. After sending her the message, immediately go back to your own page and examine it. Check out if there are any glitches that will turn her off. Polish your profile and replace your picture with a better one if you have to. Be prepared for her fateful visit. If she finds you interesting, she’ll definitely send you a reply. Remember that dating is a gamble. You have to take the risk and at the same time be prepared for anything. With some luck, that hot girl can be your next date!

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